1. Student-Debt-Paid-Question

As any university student, when faced with the opportunity of a debt free life all I can think is: “YES! Where do I sign up for this?” whilst jumping around. Going to university, studying for your dream career, getting closer and closer to fulfilling your dreams and all of this with no debt at the end of it all? It almost sounds too good to be true, eh?

I am currently a student in full-time education at the University of Westminster, London. And at the end of my studies I am going to have to pay back £27,000 which represent the full cost of my three years university course. Now if I were a British student and I had the chance to also get a maintenance loan added to my queue of loans, another £10,702 would’ve been added annually to my debt, going out of university owing a scary total of £59,106, which is the case of a lot of my friends. I find it terrifying that there is no way to get a degree other than to be spending almost-too-difficult-to-count amounts of money, even if the money doesn’t come directly out of your pocket at first, eventually you’d have to empty your pockets to pay back all the money that you owe.

Considering that you are one of the many, many, prospective students out there, also terrified by the idea of owing crazy amounts of money – an average of £84,164 to be exact – at the end of your studies, these next words might brighten up your day: there now is a solution – this sounds like something I took out of a telemercial, but keep reading.

The first International Debt Free Music Degree is being launched by The All-Star Music Group in order to afford a limited number of carefully selected individuals the opportunity to study for a degree in music without the weight of unaffordable debt around their neck. And you could be one of the lucky ‘carefully selected individuals’ that get to enjoy this awesome scholarship. In all honesty, I wish it was me, but you know, good luck to you and all that…

Through a series of high yield fundraising initiatives AMG hopes to fund the place of at least 1 student per year on a BA in Popular Music at the prestigious Pop Akademie in Mannheim, Germany, with the added opportunity of undertaking modules from The Rock Academie (Holland), University of Westminster (UK), Ballyfermot (Ireland) and Columbia College (USA) – pretty cool, eh?

Through all this blur of happy words, you might have noticed a mention of some ‘high yield fundraising initiatives’. What does this mean? It means that in order to make this idea come to life, in order to fulfil our dream of helping you fulfil yours, we first need to raise the funds for it.

We are going to launch a crowd source funding campaign that will include an album of international collaborations, a merchandise range, and exclusive one off fundraising event – a lot going on, I know.

Help us help you! All you need to do is support our cause, spread the word, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and stay tuned for more updates. Exciting things are about to happen!

by Raluca Toader

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